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Here are the films we have made up to now. We have put some small test films on the website as well. The films are available in various formats, including RealVideo 10, because of its good performance with animation at high compression rates. The player required to view them can be downloaded for free from, if you don't have that already. The recommended file is marked with a *.

Taste Matters

16 May 2007 - Taste Matters was Yellowhead Studios' entry in the German brickfilming festival "Steinerei 2007", with theme "Geflügelte Worte". Don't worry: there is no spoken text, so you will have no trouble understanding it.
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His Master's Plan

His Master's Plan27 August 2005 - His Master's Plan is something special. Whereas I normally take up to a few hours to set up a shot, and can spend weeks to months on a single film, this one had to be completed within 24 hours. To prevent cheating (i.e. starting early), a "mod element" was announced at the start of the challenge: every frame of the animation should show (part of) the letter "N". The theme was also kept secret but turned out to be "general/no theme". Due to time constraints it is not of the same quality as our other films, but it is nonetheless a film that Yellowhead Studios can display with pride. The running time is 1:25.
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300x240 * .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 2.6 MB Download
720x576 .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 3.6 MB Download

The Dragon

The Dragon29 June 2005 - The Dragon was our entry for the Brickfilms/Brickfest Heroes and Villains (HaV) contest. It is short (57 seconds), but manages to tell a full story of heroism, valour and foul beasts. You'll find that not all is as it seems.
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360x218 * .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 1,9 MB Download
720x436 .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 2,68 MB Download

Daedalus and Icarus

Daedalus and Icarus7 August 2004 - Daedalus and Icarus was our entry for the Brickfilms/Brickfest High Adventure Theatre (HAT) contest. It relates the popular myth of Daedalus and his son, who found themselves in a difficult position on the Crete of King Minos.
After having seen the film, check out the behind the scenes page which explains how the film was made.
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360x218 * .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 6.60 MB Direct download
360x218 * .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 6.60 MB Brickshelf download
720x436 .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 14.5 MB Brickshelf download
720x436 .avi (DivX 5.1.1) 31.1 MB Brickshelf download

Great Inventors part 2

Great Inventors part 24 October 2003 - This sequel was made for the Brickfilms Words of Wisdom contest, in which it was voted first in the category Best Presentation. The film is exactly 2 minutes long. It features water, snow, fire, an elephant, mountains and lots of fun!
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360x288 * .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 2.61 MB Direct download
360x288 .rm (RealMedia, requires RealPlayer) 3.24 MB Brickshelf download
720x576 .rm (RealMedia, requires RealPlayer) 24.5 MB Brickshelf download

il est midi

Il est presque midi16 June 2003 - A 33 second film, done for a small competition on a British singer's website. All information on downloading can be found on the il est midi page and in the table below.
320x240 * .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 724 KB Direct download
640x480 .avi (DivX 5.0.5) 4 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 .avi (DivX 5.0.5) 2 MB Brickshelf download
640x480 .rmvb (RealMedia 9) 1.8 MB Brickshelf download
640x480 .mpg 4.2 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 .wmv 900 KB Brickshelf download

A Christmas Carol In Bricks

A Christmas Carol In Bricks24 December 2002 - Who doesn't know the wonderful story about Scrooge, written by Charles Dickens? Put to film a zillion times, now for the first time it has been done with LEGO! Why wait longer? Download it now!
With a length of over 15 minutes, this is the longest film we made until now.
Contrary to what the credits state, there will be no special edition of this film.
320x240 * .rm (RealMedia, requires RealPlayer) 17.9 MB Direct download
Brickshelf download

Animation Class: Lesson 1

Animation Class25 September 2002 - If you want to learn how to make your own film, this is the best way to do it! This first lesson tells you, in an entertaining way, the various tasks and equipment you will meet when making your own film.
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320x240 * .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 4.90 MB Direct download
Brickshelf download
640x480 .avi (DivX 5.1.1) 22.4 MB Brickshelf download
640x480 .rmvb (RealVideo 10) 10.9 MB Brickshelf download

Also available through

Great Inventors Part 1: The Wheel

The Great InventorsWho is this? Go and see the film! 27 February 2002 - This film shows the problems two cavemen experience when they try to get home the yield of a succesful day of hunting, and what follows from it. It was made for the BrickFilms Historical Fiction Contest. It's 4 minutes 40 seconds long, and can be downloaded in various formats (including RealMedia and Windows .avi at different compression rates) from the following links:
320x240 * .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 5.90 MB Direct download
640x480 .avi (DivX) 30.0 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 .wmv (Windows Media) 15.8 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 .rm (RealMedia) 14.9 MB Brickshelf download
160x120 .rm (RealMedia) 2.7 MB Brickshelf download

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!24 December 2001 - This short greeting cost about an hour to build and film, and 4 hours to put together (because the software didn't want to load the video feed). It's 35 seconds long, and can be downloaded in the .avi format (2,8 MB) and .rm format (597 KB) from the following links:
320x240 .avi (DivX) 2.8 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 * .rm (RealMedia) 597 KB Brickshelf download

Il Barbiere di Siviglia

The Barber of Seville

                customer is being served31 August 2001 - "Is that a knife?" No, these are scissors, but they move so fast that you can see only one blade at a time. Meet Figaro Minestrone, Minifig for friends, and see a day in the life of The Barber of Seville.
This film was created for the Brickfilms Classical Movie Contest, and is 4:21 minutes long. This time we photographed 2654 separate images which made a very high framerate possible. This film won the prize for best film!

320x240 * .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 5.55 MB Direct download
320x240 .avi (DivX) 11.1 MB Brickshelf download
160x120 .rm (RealMedia) 2.53 MB Brickshelf download

The Big Chase

Police! My car is gone!11 August 2001 - This is our very first long film. An amazing number of 848 seperate images and 7 moving scenes have been combined into one 3:03 minutes long film. The project, with all the separate scenes uncompressed, took 10,9 GB of hard disk.
Basically it's about a man, driving a fast, cool sports car who goes to the cinema. Unfortunately he leaves his keys in the car... Two thieves show up only moments before the man comes out, and therefore the police is close. Will they make it?
320x240 .rmvb (RealVideo 9) 3.49 MB Not yet available
640x480 * .avi (DivX) 22.5 MB Brickshelf download
320x240 .avi (DivX) 2.2 MB Brickshelf download

YellowHead Studios have no affiliation with The Lego Company, and do not make any profit out of this project. Films are for personal use only and should not be redistributed or changed without permission.