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Il est midi

Animation to a short song by Cerys Matthews

il est midi
Visit to learn more about this great artist!

The animation can be downloaded in various formats, so there's bound to be one that will play on your system.

To download the animation, right-click the link and choose "save target as...". Wait for a while, then play it from your harddisk as often as you like!

Download: 320x240, 724 KB

Important notes: For the DivX video, you only have to download the Free version. The Pro versions offer stuff you probably don't need, and either cost money or have nasty little programs coming with them. The Free version will not harm your system in any way (as for version 5.0.5).
For the RealOne player, look carefully and download the Free RealOne Player. Look at the page carefully, it's not too obvious where to click. Read everything during the installation carefully: this is not quite a friendly program. When installation and registration is complete, look at the options and disable the Message Center: it eats up resources of your computer, and is basically just annoying.

If, after watching the film, you start wondering what this was all about, you should visit "il était midi", where extra information, the lyrics (with translation) and behind-the-scenes stuff can be found.

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