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Il était midi

Animation to a short song by Cerys Matthews

il est midi
Visit to learn more about this great artist!

This page is still heavily under construction. In the future, you can expect building instructions for the mouse, director's commentary, subtitles for the realmedia version and possibly more.

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Tickets and CDs up for grabs...

Cerys has recorded a short traditional tune entitled il est midi. In her own words, 'it's a cajun ditty about a mouse in a chapel making lace for the ladies of paris' - and it's crying out for a bit of animation to go with it. Can anyone out there oblige? If so, tickets for the forthcoming tour and a cd of cockahoop will be forthcoming for the best piece, and it'll go up on the site. Download the song (a exclusive) here, and e-mail us your efforts at *mail address removed* . Closing date for entries: Monday June 2nd

The lyrics, along with a translation into English

Il est midi
Qui l'a dit?
La petite souris
Où est-elle?
Dans la chapelle
Que fait-elle?
De la dentelle
Pour qui?
Pour les dames de Paris...

It's noon
Who said that?
The small mouse
Where is she?
In the chapel
What does she make?
For whom?
For the ladies of Paris.

That's all there is to it. Really.

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